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Pornstar Sophia Staks
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Also Known As
Sofia Stacks, Sophia Stacks, S. Staxx, Sophia Staxx, Sofia Staks, Sofia Staxx
Birth Date
January 07, 1957
Minneapolis, MN
Years Active
1996-2011 (Started around 39 years old)
5 feet, 7 inches (170 cm)
132 lbs (60 kg)
No data
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Sofia Staks, sometimes credited as Sophia Staks, Sofia Staxx or Sophia Staxx, was born in 1959 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. As a child she started ballet and tap dancing lessons but soon figured out she liked tap better. When she was 14 she began belly dancing and entered an arts program in high school that let her focus more on modern and jazz dancing.

After she graduated in high school, she worked in mid-eastern restaurants as a bellydancer - taking time off work at some point to get her first implants which took her from a very flat chested A cup to a C cup. Strip joints were popping up everywhere at this time and Sofia decided to try her hand at that. She got her second boob job at this point, going up to an FF cup.

In 1995, Sofia got her third boob job (going up to 2400cc's) and began doing magazine layouts and porn movies. In 2000, Sofia retired from dancing and movies. She is currently on Ifriends where you can chat with her for free and browse 100's of her movies and videos.

Sofia contacted me in December 2006 to give me a few corrections and updates on her life. She currently lives in Las Vegas and has returned to her belly dancing roots and tours between her home and Southern California on a private party circuit. Sofia also has a belly dancing school where she teaches and makes belly dancing costumes under the name Sofia Al Adawiyya. Sofia is also a raw vegan (only eats raw vegetables) and has been since 2001.
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