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Pornstar Sally Yoshino
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November 28, 1978
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5 feet, 0 inches (152 cm)
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Sally Yoshino was born in Tokyo on November 28, 1978. Her father was a member of a skate team, and Yoshino began figure skating at the age of three. In order to pursue this interest, she entered an athletic high school where she also participated in gymnastics and ballet. Yoshino began working in enjo kōsai (paid dating) while still a 17-year-old virgin. It was in this profession that she says she lost her virginity in Okubo Park in Tokyo s Kabukichō district. Her first customer was a talent company president in his 40s. He took her to the park in the middle of the afternoon. Recalling her feelings over the incident, Yoshino commented, "I didnt care if I was a virgin or not. If I did, I couldnt do enjo kōsai... I dont think I was taken advantage of. I got something out of it." However, she does say she was the victim of rape. "It was then that it didnt matter if I did this kind of work or not." AV debut Yoshino entered the entertainment field at the age of 18 with her AV debut in the November 1997 release for the Media Station Bijin label, Younger Than Me At the same time she began appearing in magazine features, including one for Urecco in November 1998. Her January, 1998 release, Cheeky Girl, had the company still promoting Yoshino as "Tokyo s New 18 Year-Old Girl." This was a documentary-style video, complete with hand-held camera. Striptease Her background in athletics and dance was beneficial to her career in striptease dancing which began in 1998. Though she has performed in many facets of the adult entertainment field, she considers stripping her favorite venue. Her AV career has been sporadic but her work as a striptease dancer has been continuous. When comparing her affinity for the striptease over AVs, Yoshino explains, "I have been dancing for years. That is more fun... Everyone seems to hate stripping. Girls nowadays quit right away. I never thought of quitting." Yoshino s stripping career occasionally resulted in trouble with the law. A special performance marking her birthday was widely advertised on the Internet, and attracted some under-aged patrons. When the mother of a junior high school student who had attended the performance complained to the police, Yoshino was arrested for public indecency. AV come-backs She made a come-back to the AV format with the January 2001 release, Sally Yoshino. Her performance was praised as, "much more mature and has an atmosphere of a sexy adult woman. Her sensual eyes and her panting voice are still the same."Yoshino s appearance in the Female Teacher Hunt series the following month continued her "sensational comeback with a vengeance." Yoshino played the role of the teacher in a class of sex-starved males in this MAX-A release. In January 2006 it was reported that Yoshino, now retired again from AVs, was currently working as a striptease dancer. However, in August 2006, Yoshino made a second come-back to AV with the Moodyz video, Initial Performance, the title referring to the fact that, according to the studio, this was the first time in her career that the sex was not simulated. In October of the same year, KUKI issued a career retrospective disk of Yoshino s AV work for that studio entitled Playback, Sally Yoshinoand in November, 2006, Attackers released a previously unreleased video, date of filming unknown.
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