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Pornstar Olivia Del Rio
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Also Known As
Olivia DelRio, Olivia
Birth Date
April 16, 1969
Rio Casca, Brazil
Years Active
1995-2009 (Started around 26 years old)
5 feet, 4 inches (163 cm)
107 lbs (49 kg)
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Biography Writen for AVN Magazine

Olivia del Rio was born and raised in Brasil. She was born in Rio Casca and grew up in Belo Horizonte (state of Minas Gerais). She is number 12 out of 16 children! She is married (but has multiple lovers) and has two daughters. So how did she get into the adult industry? Believe it or not, it is kind of a Cinderella story! She was a maid for a famous French adult director. It was in France, suburb of Paris, and she had just came off of the plane from Rio and had to find a job! She worked there for several months, then one day, that guy, Patrice Cabanel, asked her if she would like to do a sex scene for him!! Just like that! Since she had seen several at his house and it looked like fun and was paid way better than her maid salary, she accepted. That was the beginning of her career, but at that time she didnt know it! She thought it was just a one time thing! And does she really have orgasm on a XXX set? Depends! Most of the time, yes. She is lucky because she is multi orgasmic: so whether you eat her pussy, have sex with her or anal sex, usually she will cum pretty quick!
Now it depends on the production, the director: some of these guys keep interrupting the scene to change lights, positions...whatever! In this case, it is pretty tough to cum! She worked with such directors as Chi Chi LaRue (Being Jenna), Michael Ninn (Pop 7) and Mark Wood (Tastes Like Cum). Most of the set are always the same: the crew (cameraman, gaffers, assistant, production manager, make up artist, etc.) and the other talents! Lots of people walking around naked (for the talents), having fun while the others (the crew) try to get everything ready! She says it is too bad that Awards do not reward these guys. They are working a lot and deserve some recognition! They barely have time for a smoke!
She needs a lot of sex, so when she comes home after a day at the office she still has sex with her husband! Sex on the set in not enough! Sex in the privacy of her home (or anywhere else that is not a set!) is the best! Then she is not limited to what she wants and can do! She can go wild (ask the neighboor next door!) and do all kinds of kinky things rarely done in the biz! She also loves to go to sex clubs (or swingers club) with her husband and meet with strangers! Olivia had retired in order to have her daughter, but now she is back and kicking! With no plans on retiring any time soon!
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