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Pornstar Olinka
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Also Known As
Marylin, Olivia Link, Olinka Wilde, Olinka Petrowna, Olinka Richter, Olinka Massloff, Olinka Petrova, Olinka Petrowa, Marilyn Lamour, Marilyn, Marilyn Mitchell, Olinka Zlotsky, Olinka Hardiman, Mary Monroe
Birth Date
January 16, 1960
Years Active
1981-1985 (Started around 21 years old)
5 feet, 7 inches (170 cm)
121 lbs (55 kg)
No data
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Biography from her official website:

Olinka would start out the charmed likeness to Marilyn Monroe and would grow to become her claim to look alike act alike fame in the adult film scene. Truly inspired by fashion and the western European cultures of her glamorous upbringing in coastal France, she was drawn to further her dominion to film, by chance meetings with various directors and actresses alike in her atmospheric belonging to Cannes and the charmed life it attracted. She was of the first of her Genre to make a huge splash on American soil due to the “Marilyn” likeness. Quick to snap up the spunky young actress were up and coming directors throughout the adult industry.

Olinka on screen was a splendor of ripe aggression and pounding pleasure that grabbed and captivated a cult like following. Set as a comeback for the onset of the next Marilyn Monroe, Olinka at first did not embrace the constant comparing of her likeness to the actress of past days. She rather resented it proclaiming I am my own woman and person, I wish people would acknowledge this fact first. Soon realizing this likeness would be a true and building asset to launch her beyond a reset career of waitressing at a local coffee house, Olinka was off to the movies.

New to the adult world but as industry pros noted she started off slow just blending in, but built her own likeness to outstanding quality she is known for to this day. No scene was to small for her, as she commanded each shot to scene climactic excellence. No male star would be heard complaining of her exactness of role or energy she extruded from sets and their male parts alike. Female stars felt the passion flow with this sexual 69 superstar at their side, front, tail, lips or love budding labia’s.

Olinka brought the Victoria Secret type of appeal from the central of Europe to the televisions of America and the far reaching corners of many foreign countries. Audiences far and wide sat at the edge of their seats in each scene anticipating the unwrapping of the wondrous treasures of Olinka.

Her Female assets though natural throughout her career were never set as anything but “just right”. It was her delivery that made her body her moneymaker. She knew just the right movements, just the right angles, and the look of her eyes would command the attention of every peering eye. Touted as mouth-wateringly magical were her lips at both ends of her anatomy, screaming for eyes aplenty.

With over 10 years in the business this Madonna like figure has been out of touch with the adult scene since early 1990. Sometimes spotted traveling with friends across Europe, and still enjoys the night out dancing with her girlfriends. Last sighting was at a recent film viewing in Cannes with two of her close female friends. We look back at a real classy career and review her magnificence yet today as her legend is transposed onto DVD, Olinka we salute you.
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