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Pornstar Nakia Dalene
Views: 6443
Also Known As
Nakia D alene, Nikia D alene, Nikia Dalene, Nakia
Birth Date
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Clarkston, WA
Years Active
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5 feet, 3 inches (160 cm)
105 lbs (48 kg)
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From: a small town Idaho, from wheres she periodically commutes to Porn Valley to work. Time in industry "About a month" at the time of interview How did you get into the business? "Well, I was offered a whole bunch of stuff online through e-mails, so i started doing web modeling for primal secrets . com, and within 2 months, I made Model of the month. And then I got an offer from alternative modeling in Florida, and they got me some work, and they were a very good experience, and that made me want to keep doing it.;" Does you family know? " Well, my dad died last year, so, he would have my throat. My mom, she has an idea, but she said she doesnt want to know. how can she blame me though? My mom was pretty naughty too. Ive found some toys and stuff of hers." Porno game plan? Well, win an AVN Award, of corse. I will deserve it. And the I hope to invest my money into a concert venue, because I know a lot of bands that havent been heard, and all of them have agreed to play for me. Because theres nothing in Idaho. I want to put it on the map, you know? And I sing, too. So I have had a dream ever since ever since I want to put it on the map, you know? And I sing, too Courtesy Of AVN MAGAZINE SCREENSHOT & MOVIE INFORMATION = Cock Smokers 58 by Extreme Associates
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