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Pornstar Kali West
Views: 16388
Also Known As
West Kali
Birth Date
February 16, 1988
Years Active
2008-2010 (Started around 20 years old)
5 feet, 6 inches (168 cm)
132 lbs (60 kg)
Black/Light Brown
Navel; tongue
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Kali West (born February 16, 1988 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida) is an American adult model, nude model, and porn star. She is an Aquarius. Before becoming an adult model, she was living in Tampa, Florida doing an office job. She began adult modeling in 2007 at the age of 19. Her model agency is GiirlzINC and her agent is Brian Berke. She has a tribal tattoo on her lower back and piercings on her navel and tongue. She is bisexual. She is quiet and tends to dress down for her shoots. She has a son named Aiden.
From Kali West s SCORE September 2009 interview:
"Its hard finding bras that fit that arent granny bras, that are actually sexy. Shirts dont fit on top in my size because designers dont think about the girls who are big-chested but skinny. I am 34 around my ribcage, but I have an F-cup. And I definitely cant find bras that fit, at least not in the stores. I have a couple I bought from Fredericks because they sell them in bigger sizes. My mom used to make me safety-pin my shirts so my cleavage wouldnt show, and as soon as I got to school, Id take them out. I was like the teachers pet with the male teachers. Theyd stare at my chest. At first, it was a little uncomfortable, but then I got used to it."
From Kali West s SCORE Bikini Beauty interview:
"It is weird seeing yourself on camera, but in another sense it is really cool because "I am like, Thats me!" I wear clothes that accentuate my curves. When I am out in public, you can definitely tell that I am a woman. I know some women with big boobs try to hide their chests, but not me. I dress to show off my chest and my butt, and if I get a lot of attention, fine."
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